Home Automation with HoloLens

Morten Nielsen posted a video yesterday of controlling LED bulbs just by looking at them and using voice commands (or gestures).


Very impressive indeed! And I was so excited to see it because when I was on the HoloLens roadshow I actually talked about this scenario quite a bit. I would say “Imagine being able to look at a fan or a light and say ‘Turn it on’ or ‘Make it blue’.” HoloLens hasn’t even been shipping for a month yet and already someone’s made it a reality. At least for a few devices.

One of the things I really like seeing in his video is that he’s thought about natural human interactions. Not only does he support speech but he also supports dimming the light by grabbing and sliding up and down (like you would a regular dimmer switch). Natural User Interactions are key for good HoloLens experiences, and I think Mortens on the right track.

What devices would you like to control this way and how would you interact with them? I think it would be neat to look at a fireplace and do the bloom gesture to light it. But of course that might also be confusing when the start menu goes up in flames.

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